Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity Report

Pursuing zero-carbon, resilient cities in an inclusive way will simultaneously raise countries’ living standards, tackle inequality and address the climate crisis. For national leaders, creating such cities would yield short-term political dividends and secure long-term national prosperity.
— Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity Report 2019

Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity is a new report from the Coalition for Urban Transitions supporting national governments’ to unlock the economic and social benefits of zero-carbon cities.

Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity quantifies the social, environmental, and economic benefits available to national governments willing to enable, empower, and invest in zero-carbon cities. The report shows successful national and local collaborations to improve the quality of urban life demonstrating that a rapid urban transition is possible with engagement from national governments.

By taking an active role in supporting sustainable urban development in their cities, national governments around the world can drive economic prosperity and effectively play their part in addressing the global climate emergency.