Cities only have to report once and on one platform thanks to a merger of ICLEI’s carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) and CDP’s reporting platform. This makes reporting climate action simpler for local and regional governments. Reported data will be shared with ICLEI and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

Using this platform, local and regional governments can measure progress while showcasing their local actions with citizens, businesses, investors and the global community in the transition to a more sustainable environment and economy.

The image shows three new phases: Mitigation, Adaptation and Access to Energy, with the latter still in development (GCoM global database of cities).

gcom badge phase.png


Step by step guide on how to report for the Global Covenant of Mayors.

Reporting guide for cities

Detailed guide on how to answer specific questions on the CDP Questionnaire.

Cities Scoring methodology

Scoring can be used by cities as a tool to show gaps in climate planning and be used to benchmark performance. Scores are private to cities, although CDP will recognise highest scoring cities.