City of Perth


Chair Commissioner: Eric Lumsden

The City of Perth is committed to a sustainable future, taking bold steps against climate change through a breadth of sustainability policies and strategies, from better bike infrastructure, to their urban forest plan, to their energy resilient city vision. Council adopted a new Environment Strategy in 2016 to help guide the implementation of their vision and are part of the Global Covenant of Mayors initiative, as well as a valued member of ICLEI Oceania and World Energy Cities Partnership.


Urban Forest Plan

Cities are generally hotter than their surrounding areas by as much as 1-3 degrees Celsius, as such an urban forest, the collection of green spaces, trees and other vegetation within the city limits, can offer valuable benefits in a warming climate through its ability to cool its immediate environment. Up to 95 percent of incoming solar radiation can be blocked by a tree’s canopy. Buildings can be kept up to 8 degrees cooler with the help of shading from trees.

Recognising the importance of its Urban Forest, the City of Perth adopted its first Urban Forest Plan in September 2016.  The plan sets out goals and objectives for the future planning, management and expansion of the urban forest, ensuring the urban forest remains healthy, sustainable and resilient.