Melton City Council

Mayor: Bob Turner

Climate change continues as a priority for the City of Melton, in addition to being a signatory to the Global Covenant of Mayors, they are a Founding Partner of Victoria's TAKE2 Pledge program. The Council has a vision that by 2036 the City will be a clean, green, sustainable city meeting the needs of the current and future population while protecting its unique environmental assets, supporting an engaged and aware community.

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Replacing Cement

Cement production is the largest industrial producer of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to 8% of global emissions. This is largely due to the chemical reactions of transforming limestone (CaCO3) into lime (CaO), releasing carbon dioxide.

Melton city council therefore chose to find an alternative in the construction of the Melton Library and Learning Hub. In a world first, it used e-crete™ (a brand which has no cement in the concrete mix) in the construction of the facade, reducing cement used in the project by 40%.

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