City of Glen Eira


Mayor: Jamie Hyams

The City of Glen Eira has a suite of initiatives empowering the community to become greener and more sustainable, including community and neighbourhood gardening programs. The Council is upgrading street lighting and installing solar panels with a combined capacity of nearly 450 kilowatts across twenty one sites. The Global Covenant of Mayors is one critical initiative that allows the Council to put climate action onto the world stage and be part of a larger community committed to change.


The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy is an international alliance of cities with a shared long-term vision of promoting voluntary action to combat climate change and transition to low-emission and resilient societies. The Global Covenant now includes over 9,130 cities from 120 countries, representing over 775 million people and 10.55% of the total global population, and is the largest global network of councils leading action on climate change.